High Point Realty Limited knows Toronto well, and through experience over a long period of time, we know where the good locations are. We strive to continually keep up to date in what is available on the market, and who to contact for the best locations possible. We work together with several retail/food chains in exclusively representing them in their search for new locations to their incredible growth.

High Point Realty Limited is very active in purchasing and selling property, either for property investors and “users” across a wide spectrum of commercial retail, office, & industrial, retail, and development properties. For our investor type clients, we offer complete leasing of retail, office, and industrial premises through the Greater Toronto Area. Our name is highly recognized as a leader in successful acquisition, disposal, and leasing of real estate of any kind and description. Due to the extensive real estate background of Barry Sklar, we have a more knowledgeable edge on our competition in understanding all facets of the industry and able to assist in the due diligence process following acquisition of properties.

High Point Realty Limited understands office space, whether it is from the Landlord’s perspective or the Tenant’s perspective. Office space is highly complex however after years of experience, we understand it. For Tenants, we have a good handle on finding the right location which meet all of the Tenant’s search criteria in style of property desired, location to meet all employer and employee requirements, and negotiate an offer to lease taking all of the Tenants requirements into account. To discuss either leasing an office building, or leasing space in an office building, click here to have one of our representatives contact you.

No two industrial properties are the same. Clients usually look at industrial buildings as a simple box. In reality, there is wide variation in what an industrial building is in actuality. Through experience we understand industrial real estate and can help in locating exactly what the client wants, meeting their needs in terms of location, size of building, ceiling height required, shipping dock style, proportion of office space to industrial, and a myriad of other factors to come up with just the right property. We help landlords lease out their vacant premises, and help Tenants lease their locations using experience and knowledge and being in tune to the needs of others. Through creativity we can assist in industrial leasing, industrial sales, leasing and subleasing, sale and leaseback situations, land acquisition and disposition, etc. To discuss either leasing an office building, or leasing space in an office building, click here to have one of our representatives contact you.

Retail leasing has been an active area of involvement at High Point Realty Limited. Some of our clients are the Who’s Who of retailers and restaurateurs in Toronto. We enjoy the challenge that retail leasing presents and know our locations by memory. We have a knack at finding just the right location for any retail/restaurant use. Retail locations involve a unique challenge in the real estate world. We represent several retailers/food users exclusively in searching out great locations in the Greater Toronto Area. We have no difficulty in working collaboratively with other brokers in the industry in our search for locations. Our services appeal to both Landlords and Tenants alike. We can assist in project leasing, retail and restaurant search mandates, lease renewals and lease subleases. To discuss either leasing a retail building, or leasing space in a retail store, click here to have one of our representatives contact you.

High Point Realty Limited, through Barry Sklar, President and CEO has been very active over the years in being conscious of the needs of others who need assistance. Barry’s philanthropy extends to The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Central Ontario Branch, assisting with the funding of the “wish list” of The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation in buying needed surgical equipment and supplies not provided in their annual budgets, and always assisting when asked by clients and friends to support their individual fund raising efforts for various worthwhile causes. We are proud of supporting the needs of others and proud that we are able to help as we can when asked.


HIGH POINT® REALTY LIMITED was formed decades ago now and since inception, and has since grown into a successful boutique commercial investment real estate brokerage specializing in investment, commercial, & industrial real estate.

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